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I am in the midst of moving. My current digs was only supposed to last maybe a month or so, but it ended up working out for both of us for me to stay. It's been over half a year now, but I never really ever moved in. I basically just left everything boxed up around the room, even leaving a few boxes in my car. This is the first time in maybe 8 months that I've seen the back of my car empty... The problem with this place having started as a transitory place is that I never had any idea how long I'd actually be here, especially after my roommate had to get a job 3+ hours away from his house, and then when he got engaged. Either way, he's about to sell his house, so I had to find a new one.

I actually spent more than a month looking for a place. Every single time I would find a promising lead, God would pluck it away rather spectacularly; leading me to realize he probably had a specific place in mind. Hopefully my current digs are just the place. I've only met two of the four roommates, but one I definitely like. I don't dislike the other one I met, and I most definitely hit it off with the guy who owns the house; him having just gotten married a month ago, hence the opening in living space. It's only a month to month lease agreement, but it feels like a good place to settle into for a good while, and I think that was something he was looking for in a tenant anyway.

The funny thing is that I think I'm most excited about having a microwave again. Not having a microwave drastically changed my eating habits, and mostly for the worst. When it will take more than hour to cook something, or five minutes to go get takeout, well... Plus, there are a lot fo quick meals that I just couldn't easily make. Microwave quesadillas were a common snack for me when I had one, and I didn't care for the taste or crunchiness of making them in a pan. I'm also quite pleased to still have a washer/dryer in my new place. Laundromats are ridiculously expensive and many even tweak their heat settings so you have to use more money to dry 'em longer.

I'm super grateful that I've had a leisurely time to move most of my stuff too. I hate moving with a passion, and have like zero strength or stamina, so having the week to do a carload at a time has been much less stressful. I have maybe a car and half left of small stuff, and then just the handful of larger things. That last one I have to wait for my current roommate, as he is the only person I know with a truck. He's super busy and I've been working (plus it's been raining non-stop the last several days, though not today), so our schedules have yet to line up. It will depend on how badly he needs my stuff out of here, I guess. :P


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