Jan. 10th, 2017

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Having now watched the first season on Netflix, I have to say that I really don't recommend anyone watch The Magicians. Well, maybe if you like Neil Gaiman. Dude can never decide whether he wants to write a really decent fairy tale, or disturbing porn... First off, I have to say that I quite liked the show at first. I like almost all the characters and it was fairly well done. But the problem is that it just kept getting more disturbing. More than that, it was clearly ripping off the Chronicles of Narnia books, and then raping them. Oh, and there is a rape scene or two in show, just fyi. One of many random sex scenes that are completely superfluous. This whole show really does feel like someone combined Narnia with a bit of Harry Potter and random porn.

By the season finale, I was done with the show and was glad to have it wrap up. And then it ended on a horrifying cliffhanger. I am so not watching any more to find out what happened, ever, but it still annoys me. Now I have to try and mentally scrub out all the final episodes from my mind. Blech.


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