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So I've spent well over 12 hours total (8-9 straight) getting linux up and running on my laptop. I tried it once before, but couldn't figure out how to get the damn thing to work. I know it's supposed to be super-simple, so it has to be something with this laptop. Either way, windows was starting to bug me, so I figured it was time to try again. After several wipes, installs of both linux and windows, and a crap-ton of googling, I finally kludged together enough to get the damned thing working...more or less. I'm still having an issue with the bootloader not working the way it's supposed to, taking entirely too long for it to boot, which is annoying. I have one or two more ideas to try before I give up completely and let it just take forever to boot from here on out.

The super annoying part is that linux (Mint, in this case) really is very easy to install and run. The issue is entirely the fault of Toshiba, who decided that they were just going to hardcode the EFI boot into the laptop to always check/boot windows. This has been nice whenever I've had to reinstall windows, since it already has a windows code and I don't have to jump through any hoops. Unfortunately, it means that trying to get anything else whatsoever to even be recognized by the computer is a frustrating, tedious, and sometimes fruitless endeavor. The only (somewhat) workable solution, it turns out, is to rename the grub bootloader and replace the windows bootloader to fool the computer into doing something, anything, differently. Blarg.

I am quite happy that so many games in my steam library are still playable natively too. It means fewer things I have to attempt to get working through wine.
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