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Note, these are going to be a hodge podge of topics, subjects and the like.

"I've got nothing," he dejectedly sighed. "Where are my kudos?" (Alternatively, "Where my bitches at?", "Where are my pants?", or "Where are my nipples?")

"Lana? I have a secret, but I can't tell you."

Murlocs ate your family? Do you want the undigested remains?

What do you mean, "out of mana"?! I'm dying here!

No, I will not, "giv u teh golds"; shut up.

I'd be a fool not to buy Rogue insurance! Wait...

Mostly free portal to Ironforge! Probability of splinching relatively small!

Clark is Superman on Smallville? Duh! He doesn't wear glasses!

I could really go for some pudding. What? Out?! Noooo!
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Okay, this is just awesome. It kind of reminds me of the way my brain works sometimes...
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I'm not sure how old this is but I just found it. I'm still not sure whether it's really cool, disturbing, or a little of both... Either way, I'm going to be singing the banana song all day.
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Bwahaha! This power rangers rip-off is hilarious. I appreciate the effort spent on this too.
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I'm always blown away when I read Watchman Nee. I just read this from one of his books, Spiritual Authority, and had to post it.

Man's actions should not be governed by the knowledge of good or evil; it should be motivated by a sense of obedience. The principle of good and evil is to live according to what is right or what is wrong. Before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit their right and wrong were in God's hand. If they did not live before God they knew nothing at all, for their right and wrong actually were in God. By taking the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they found a source of right and wrong in other than God himself. Consequently, after the fall men need not find in God the sense of right and wrong. They have it in themselves. This is the result of the fall. The work of redemption is to bring us back to the place where we will now find our right and wrong in God.
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Shades of purple and blue
Bleed beneath the night's sky.
The moon bellows in furious glows,
Stung with sparks of golden white.
Casually the starry clouds whisp,
Singing thinly with rain
And booming of molten light.
Spring forth, oh waifs of the evening.
Spill forth thy jagged silv'ry spawn,
Effulgent in greens and greys,
And speaking softly of days lost.
Swirls of blooming and lustrous fire
Far beyond the moon's jealous radiance,
Wash the expanse of blooded midnight,
Calling out in eternal, ephemeral dance.
Whisper softly, oh stars of night,
Of nimble symphonies of royal time,
Of resplendent waltzes
Through heavens gloriously bright
And twirls forevermore alight.
Compelled by maker, you dance aloft,
Shouting of things to be.
Bound away, thy footsteps set in place,
For incandescent thoughts of gold
So precious in thy delight of movement.
Praise the night that thou were born,
Bursting with fires shimmering pearl
And knowing thy place until the end.
So rejoice oh night,
Bellow as you would oh moon,
Sing oh thou clouds,
Dance as thou should oh stars,
For thou art as thou were made
And ever more shall be,
Beneath the sky and heavens majestic.
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And to anyone who gets said points, can you hear it even now playing in your head? I know I can. *sniffs*

Oh my hero, so far away now.
Will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away, like night into day.
It's just a fading dream...

I'm the darkness, you're the stars.
Our love is brighter than the sun.
For eternity, for me there can me,
Only you, my chosen one...

Must I forget you, Our solemn promise?
Will autumn take the place of spring?
What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
Speak to me once more!

We must part now, my life goes on.
But my heart won't give you up.
Ere I walk away, let me hear you say,
I meant as much to you.

So gently, you touched my heart.
I will be forever yours.
Come what may, I won't age a day,
I'll wait for you always...
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A hundred years I've called you for,
To be here with me and not much more.
A hundred years pass in a blink and a gaze,
To hear your voice speaking I'll wait,
A hundred more years if only two more days.
Another year will pass us by you'll say,
A hundred more if we can make it.
Whatever the price, I'll gladly pay.
A hundred years you want from me now,
Wordlessly speaking I'll show you more,
Fifteen, a hundred, or two,
I'll go above your dreams and give
You the stars, the sky, and the moon.
A hundred more years until you're here,
So very far away, yet so very near.
The dawn still smiles for you,
And I long for a sky so blue
That your smile shines and pales
The sun in his effervescent glory.
A hundred years I've called for you,
And another hundred I'll wait here for you.
A hundred years sing of the moment,
Never forgetting the chances gone,
The hearts laid broken and bare,
Or the hundred more beyond compare.
A hundred years, more or less,
And when they're gone I'll know I'm blessed.

It's amazing how inspiring Five for Fighting's songs can be. And their new video is so cool.
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So I'm writing this relatively short story for creative writing and I rather need some ideas/help on it. It's mostly just needing a bit of nit picking, but any glaring errors pointed out would be helpful to. If anyone feels like giving any suggestions or nits, feel free to just leave a comment, or even email me if it's really terribly bad. And if anyone just wants to read it and have a good laugh, well then have at it. :D

Zeroes )
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He wanders through the halls of death,
searching for the one who came before,
for the keys of release, but he cannot
find the seeds of his escape from the inevitable.
Amidst the hollow void of death of life
he seeks the light he so rarely glimpses,
but is often lost amongst the living dead:
they who live in his world and think silly thoughts;
they who believe themselves truly alive.
Corpses all, they live in filthy death,
boasting of their accomplishments many,
few of any worth recognized in true worth.
He thinks as he walks through the halls,
looking at the endless shades and feels the cold
so deep within he fears he shall never be free.
The light he seeks, he sees but few,
the sparks within, yet they shine so brightly.
He longs for more, as he gazes through the doors,
into the haze of never ending beyond so close.
The gates block his way but for a while,
then shall he pass through and be gone,
but until the day, he fears the long way
that he shall ever have to tread a little more.
The halls, they speak, of secrets, lies, and not,
but all is shadows before the light of truth;
it burns away, and strips the shades so hidden,
from the light the shadows flee, yet remain
for a little while longer in the dark still there.
He despairs of many things in the halls of death,
yet more the darkness clinging to his skin.
It eats away his resolve and soul feeling so alone,
with only bursts of light to guide him
through the halls unbending, hoping for another.


Jun. 15th, 2003 08:16 pm
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En ces heures, je d├ępense avec vous
Mon coeur bat toujours plus rapidement
Pour dans votre endroit, je le vois tout
Je vois celui qui est si juste
Pour toujours avec vous je volerais
En haut sur les ailes du soleil

for those who can't speak french, like me )
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Sing once again for me,
beneath the leaden clouds,
and cause the sun to shine once more.
The sky it falls from me,
as through the heavens we glide,
to feel the milky stars above,
to be once more amidst.
Sing the songs of the angels dear,
as beneath the sun so bright,
and earth below so darkened,
forevermore transcendent we fly.
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As the rising moon cast her glow,
as she began to speak soft words,
as the darkened night crept in,
there he sat so still to listen;
to hear the whispers so beautiful,
to hear the words of the night,
to hear the sweet melodies more,
and so he sat in wonder and peace.
Near the crystalline light he stayed,
near her he sat in awe and hope,
near the source of happiness he was,
and there he wished to be forever.

You Know

Apr. 9th, 2003 03:51 pm
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Flying above the blazing sky below
only leaps above the brazen clouds
reaping in the liquid colors flowing
swing below and kiss the light of dawn
wheeling around the brazen gaze
easing through the chill of night
every sound a call of life aglow
bearing on through the sunny breeze
edging above the lovely sky

Be Free

Mar. 22nd, 2003 02:23 pm
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It cries out to me from the dark,
pleading for a release, to be free,
eyes burn in regret and sympathy.
It cannot be let free now, it cannot
be what it wants to be in these moments,
tears mingle and merge in grief.
Who has set these chains that hold me,
it begs in relentless hunger for escape,
when can I be let out to see these faces,
these kind words, these soothing sounds?
It is not yet time, I cry to it,
tears flowing like the blood of battle,
and perhaps never shall be the time,
for all is uncertain in this haze,
your release may never see the light of day,
nor hear the sounds of joy you seek,
but I pray that someday you shall, and then,
then you shall be forever without,
and nevermore shall these tears we weep
be allowed, for only in the dark
are such travesties committed,
and only when you are free of these chains
are you able to know joy, know peace.
Be free, you seeking creature, be free
and go forth to find what makes you whole,
for, to be whole is what you seek,
and what you deserve, oh so more than this,
be free little one, and forever more be so.
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The rising light,
shining bright,
brings the shadows into sight.
Blazing glorious flames,
shimmer and glow like crimson,
and in the midst, a radiant splendor
of white, grasping out,
clutching hope,
grasping life.
The embers glow,
and with a blow,
they shake and begin to grow.
The exultant brilliance
flows ever outward,
and as the lustrous inferno rages,
the luminous pyre raises
the dream once more,
and ever again.
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Where have all the monkeys gone?
They said farewell, they said so long
and now they've scampered off,
with a wink and a slight little scoff.
Their every mischievous antic,
made me insane, crazy, and frantic,
but now I miss the little freaks,
and they've been gone now for weeks.
Oh me, oh my, I think I just may cry,
with a nod and a teary bleary eye,
I shall go on and find the little dinks,
if I have to follow their smelly stinks,
I shall, and not be even a tad scared,
else it leave me alone and impaired.
Those stupid little monkey jerks,
with all their stupid little monkey quirks,
I'll boil them alive in gooey tar,
then we'll see if they get far.
Skin them up I think I just might,
making sure to avoid their nasty bite.
Leave me all alone they thought to do,
and all they left me was monkey poo.
Stupid little monkeys have gone,
So I say good riddance and so long.


Mar. 10th, 2003 09:18 pm
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Bereft of hope, he aimlessly wanders the desolate plain,
bleeding tears of madness cling to his hollow face,
and run with a maddening descent, mocking him
in their relentless pace down the crags of grief,
while his shoulders slump with defeat and agony of the lost.
He once mocked the every attempt of irony to destroy him,
laughing off the struggles of despair to claim hold,
but now the battle has been lost to him and in that moment,
that one moment when he began to feel the sweet grasping hope,
that was when he became shattered for the world to see and mock.
Now he wanders on, slipping the bounds of pain,
waiting for the time when the winds come to swiftly sweep
him away to a place that knows him not and cherishes his burden.
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Gloriously bright
rises the sun
bringing with it a new day dawning
and in its shimmer
we greet the morn
wishing for it too never end
its golden glows
and gorgeous hues
makes the world seem right
so we say hello
and beg you stay
so we may enjoy your presence more
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