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It might be sublime
to find the time
to express myself
in simple rhyme

To forget the rest
and pass that test
to elate my mind
and do my best

But sitting down
with none around
I lose my thoughts
and make no sound

I feel the pulse beating
and in my head bleating
ideas longing for form
for substance and meaning

I don't mean to be terse
and it feels like each verse
could go on forever
and get better, not worse

But the muse flees the mind
leaving little behind
like leaves so long adrift
searching, nary to find

When the beat comes to me
and it's all I can see
I want to write it down
and speak it faithfully

But were I thus verbose
my thoughts ever so close
I could not find the means
and would grow quite morose
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A myriad of images coalesce in mind,
as thoughts leap and twirl.
Like the wind, so hard to grasp,
fluttering in and out, up and down.
What thoughts betray my mind,
so cruelly out of casual reach?
Would that I could but rein them,
bridled to my ever-knowing hold.
So many important things lost;
feelings innumerable and weighty
eluding my every attempt of mastery,
my very need to know myself.
Ah, that I could so readily perceive
and, in so doing, express the inner core,
that inmost part which longs to be known.
Days pass by and I, unable to portray,
do consider myself a failure indeed,
bereft of adequate words and speech,
lacking full facility to incorporate,
with my inner self, all those I hold dear.
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What fills a hole?
What bends and bleeds, to fill the cracks and mend the gaps?
When ever larger grows the yawning abyss,
When shall such be corrected aright?
For what reason lies it thus agape?
For what cause yawns the maw so widely?
A scar upon the landscape ever expands,
A livid welt upon the surface, yet not only.
The veins dwell deep within, pained and raw,
The pulsing sound of too solid lacuna.


Apr. 13th, 2011 12:37 am
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Falls the night on lonely heart
aching in the bitter dark
forlorn cries the wayward speck
aloft for but a moment gone
adrift in currents chilled
drying tears from within
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Gentle winds tease gilded clouds,
sweeping through the silv'ry trees.
Follow down the turgid rain,
filling deeply thirsty lands.
Skimming briefly upon silken streams,
billowing in the woven wake.
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Frigid winds whipping at her skin
orbiting stranded thoughts and
revolving endless fears
Emerging from wounded soul
managing just barely to cope
in the midst of raging world
lean on the rock behind you
yell to the one who saves you
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Moments tick by in silence
minutes never ending, never cease
follow the weighted mind
down and down and down
plodding through the mire
in a spiral ever onward
weaving in patterns unknown
a creation not of his own
fallen thoughts scatter on the wind
some never retrieved
others never leaving, always stuck
crashing waves in mind
unknowing, unknown and alone
whispers in the dark like shadows
slipping past without comprehension
only a chill left behind
shallow disturbances with mighty weight
bearing down on wounded soul
crying out for peace
longing for understanding
longing for true rest
waiting breathless for an answer
hoping for a hope

I dunno...

Jan. 31st, 2011 02:22 am
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Can you feel the crashing waves, as tempest near abounds
Or see the burning skies above and hear its roaring sounds
Do you sense the weight at hand, malevolent in the gloom
As shriek the rageful winds and the crackling thunders boom
Can you call out, in the dark, as wild seas unfurl
Or will you be lost as through the twirling rains you oh-so dreadful hurl?


Jan. 25th, 2011 02:20 am
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Swimming through a sea of discontent
languidly losing to the tides
falling beneath the burgeoning waves
floundering under the crushing weight
destitute in a morass of despair
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Tomorrow comes again, and what of it?
Just another one, burning through the fuel,
Killing time, wasting mine and yours,
Do you feel it slipping away?
Where are kept the days promised,
Whom is he who keeps them, and what is his name?
Time is short, and what of it?
It's as a leaf upon the wind, soon gone,
Adrift for but a span, twirling,
And twisting in chaotic madness,
Fated to crash and fade away forever.
Ah! If only you cared; cared more,
And deeply, I say, but alas,
How mistaken in mind of a moment I become!
Ah, to endlessly freeze them,
Every word, look, smile and glance.
But what of it, such frozen time acquired?
To linger and languor in what is not mine,
Molding over what-ifs and why-nots?
Oh, the cruelty of time's crushing embrace!
No escaping his deft tendrils,
Nor those of fate's clutching grasp.
Bewildering the brain, serrating choices,
Cleaving, even, memories from moments!
Smoldering and smothering,
In the times between, and now,
Pouring and pooling over the boundaries,
Boundaries we have set, have decided.
Black and twisted, bubbling, bloated,
And festering thoughts creep in to roost,
Fetid and foul upon the feelings;
Curse you, longings lost,
To wicked sickness upon the soul!
Be decimated and defeated I demand,
Obliterated from this place you dwell,
Be rent to oblivion sans mercy!
Mine enemy, be thou thrown,
To the wolves, to the fire,
To the endless fear and flames!
I would see you torn, shredded fine,
Killed forever in eternal justice deigned,
Condemned for crimes innumerable and vile!
For then would these shackles be unbound,
Loosed from putrid wastes that clutch,
Oozing poison upon heart and mind,
Endless assaults and sieges!
Fah! Call I a curse most horrendous down,
Down upon your twisted pate,
Fervently desiring your demise!
Be destroyed, enemy mine,
Be your feeble spark removed and extinguished,
Thrown out and stomped down.
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There once was a girl named Heather,
whose name, as light as a feather,
gently tripped off his tongue,
like the rays of the sun,
in the bright and beautiful weather.

There once was a girl named Stephanie,
a girl as lovely as could be,
with so much charm and appeal,
she could hardly be real,
her every word a symphony.

There once were girls named Melinda and Maria,
whose names didn't rhyme with anything,
so he went to bed, unfinished.
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The words burn deep within
but do not come.
Oh thou flow of endless depth,
come thou gnawing flames
and be quenched in fulfillment.
Oh, would that they would come,
that they would twine and grow.
Come, oh come thou flow!
Race and rush and run!
Climb, tumble and be frantic!
Come thou light and shine,
as I call and shout,
as I name and cry forth.
Tomorrow will come again,
and you'll be gone.
But before you go, come!
Let the words rush and gush
in endless stream.
Crawl and weave, if need be,
but do not stray far.
Duck and dodge, but oh,
come thou river of speech,
come before I fade away!
Oh, what hole thou leaves,
what channels and rivulets inside.
Come tomorrow, shall I be,
shall I know of thine voice?
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Sickeningly sweet rends the night
turgid, tumescent air billowing swift,
cutting swaths in predawn morn,
seething and twisting in bloodshot luminescence.
Fragile, frigid night dragged away,
departed in hysterical flames,
vermilion and amber radiance alike,
the torturous conflagration of day blazing bright.
Coruscating brilliance kindles,
a million minds extinguished,
a million more engulfed by muse and myriad trifles,
serenades of sun and symphonies of moon.
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A slight sheen of moisture,
beading in the hot sun;
like a light dew of perspiration,
seeping from every nook,
misting from every pore.
A merciless light in the sky,
beating down unceasingly,
calling forth, blazing ever on.
He sweats. A lot.
How he hates the summer!
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"I have not the drive to continue," he remarked sadly.
"I simply do not have it in me, and cannot."
"However shall I continue to write without any impetus?" "Electroshock?"
"Ha, very ha," he sarcastically remarked, "go soak your head."
"I'm shocked that you would say such a thing. Shocked!"
"Yes, well, you will be with the toaster along side."
"Not if it jams. Don't be so burnt out, now."
"Punny, very punny," he smirks, "but don't butter me up."
"Wouldn't dream of it, that'd be just nuts...bananas too."

I can't think of anymore puns, so I'm quitting now.
It's a shame, really. Could have been quite a laugh.
Ah well, such is life and all that, yes? No?!
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Spake the wind and the rain,
blowing down upon the forlorn youth,
"Why look you sad this great day?
Why lookest thou so bereft?
Know you not the joy of
the wind and of the rain?
The joy we have been given to blow,
the joy to fall and to splash?
Has not your creator so given
unto you the same joys of life?
The sun thou hast, the calm and storm,
and so too the breath of spirit!
Be you happy and rejoice!"
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I know, sigh. Boy's got nothing more interesting to do.

Interestingly enough, that explanation too was ten words. Crazy, no?

I should just start talking in ten word phrases now.

What do you think? Is it madness, brilliance, or boredom?

Each thought self-contained, yet expressing of the whole.

Should a hyphenated word be considered two words, or one?

Feeling a bit mad, he ran off on a tangent.

No one ever saw him again, save everyone who did.

When in doubt, throw a fit, scream and shout, yes?

Listening to OK Go is hard to write poetry to.

When suddenly, more like eventually, she sat there, aimlessly idling about.

Spinning in place, contemplatively staring as the ceiling twirls by.

A beckoning shout ringingly echoes in the frigid morning air.
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Like a monkey, little Joey loved to fling his poo.

Once upon a time, in a little village, a girl.

Filled with remorse for his atrocities, Noran momentarily stopped whistling.

"I can fly!" screamed the future pancake as he fell.

"No you can't!" laughed the hungry and amused little crow.

The screams reverberated, piercingly, echoing madness; the dentist finishes up.

"What a pity," he remarked, "he did so love rhinos."

Face to face they glare unceasingly, challenging, baby versus rhino.

"Rhino? Really?" yells Spiderman, "Don't you know hippos *beat* rhinos?"

His face a mass of blood, he grins in triumph.

Gallons of bleach will clean anything, even this black sofa!

No perfume will rid us of this stench...your mom!

Will nothing we do ever rid us...of your mom? (sorry couldn't resist these last two)
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The girl walks the halls, never stopping, ever moving on.

He runs at every chance; soon they'll take his legs.

He values his thumbs, but more so his lucrative liver.

Warmly drenches the ruddy sun upon the lonely stone wall.

His laughing gaze languidly shifts to her golden specked eyes.

Burning through the night, the fire peaks in roaring maelstrom.

Eyes burn with acid tears falling too quickly to number.

Lullabies quiver in the midnight air like peals of laughter.

Liquid light pours from the tipping tureen, blazing and rich.

Colors bleed and blend, blurring in swift and lurid patterns.
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Dirt crunching expectantly, he slowly fills the too deep hole.

Once there was a time for such things; no more.

Feel you the changing current? I think he just farted...

When the wind blows he can hear her calling still.

He furiously devours the pages, one crunch at a time.

The juices flow and he feels the words bleed out.

"Oh look," he exclaimed, "the walls are bleeding! How novel!"


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