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Apparently I can't cross-post to my old livejournal without agreeing to some new terms of service or something, and naturally, the passwords I thought I had for it are all wrong and I'm blocked from trying again for an hour or so... I really need to get in there and download all my old entries and fully close up shop there. I have no idea how much longer a (now) Russian based website will be a workable thing, much less a good idea to have.

In other news, I've been slowly settling in to my new digs, and I have to say that I quite like how it's all starting to look. I like my room, I like my house, and I like my roommates. Well, one is a bit annoying at times, but he's okay, so it's not terrible. I've talked more in the past week or two in general conversation with them than the past many months combined with my old roommate. He was only home a few days a week and wasn't terribly talkative anyway. It's nice to chat, though there does seem to be a tide of built up verbal diarrhea that I need to temper, but otherwise it's good.
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