Apr. 11th, 2019 02:18 am
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I really need to stop reading the news so often. I have several different sites I visit on the daily, and little of it is ever pleasant. More, it constantly angers me. I think anymore fear and anger are the two main emotions most people feel when they get the news, regardless of political bent. The part that continues to eat at me though is the continual rapid descent of common sense and moral values to the loudest, rabid, rabble-rousers. It's greatly disturbing to see values held for so long as a given suddenly seen as evil; not just evil, but the kind that cannot be tolerated or gently corrected, but the kind that must be killed with fire and pitchforks.

Disagreements are supposed to be moments of learning. You argue, present your points, make concessions, find some common ground, and either agree to disagree or find a suitable compromise that both sides can respect. I do that fairly regularly with one of my roommates who is on the exact opposite side of the political spectrum. We can get pretty heated, but we will eventually call the argument quits, then go and consider what the other said, re-evaluting and confirming what we believe. Nothing in life, nothing living, becomes stronger from lack of difficulty or diversity. The strongest trees can survive anything only because they had the elements constantly stripping off the weak bits and causing their insides to toughen up. It's how we build muscles. We tear and stretch them so that they can grow back stronger and better. We test and work them. That is how one's mind should work as well. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

But we continue to soften and weaken every bit of our society, child-proofing every edge, every corner, every scary thought or word. Unless you have legit PTSD, as in actual trauma, being "triggered" is sign of a feeble and weak emotional constitution. If even someone politely disagreeing with you ends with you trying to physically assault them, the problem is entirely yours and should not be uplifted and lauded, but denounced and derided as the childish, petty, febrile view that it truly is. I read this evening that a fairly large university just suspended their newly-appointed security chief because a few years back he liked, not wrote, but liked, an NRA tweet wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and another that used the old quote about when something is outlawed, only the outlaws will have it. It started a HUGE issue, with the lamenting of the women and children, as Conan the Barbarian once said... The fact that the man even liked something the NRA said, or even mentioned guns, is somehow now a horrendous sin and cannot be allowed on such a "respectable" campus.

When what half the country thinks or agrees with, or even doesn't disagree with, an idea and it cannot be allowed to exist, that is a dangerous, scary-as-shit, draconian worldview. And it's spreading. Those absolutely adorable alien comics that recently exploded online suddenly got the creator in trouble when they found an old tweet regarding an old girlfriend being at March for Life and how he was glad she was alive. Even that remote link to a pro-life idea was enough to see commenters spewing the most insane vitriol you've ever seen. Hitler would have been better received...
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Billie Eilish's new album just dropped some time in the past week, and I have already snatched it up. It's nice having money when you can get it. I was actually able to buy several of her albums and a few singles. Her stuff is so...spectacular. I don't have nearly enough proper adjectives for how much I love her music. Well, her and her brother. She's the voice and he's the wordsmith. Either way, their stuff is fantastic and she is absolutely my current fave. That breathy, ethereal voice, with unique beats, time signatures, and intriguing lyrics all make for a very happy me. It's nice that they're not all the same song. Some are jazzy and sweet, some poppy and upbeat, some disturbing and dance-y, and all through it her light, sweet voice. I'd crush on her hard if she were a bit older and less rapper in person. I'm always so amused by her voice and music compared to how she acts and speaks in interviews and videos. She'd fit in at punk rock/rap concert from the 90s...

Also, ugh. I've been trying to get into a better sleep schedule of late, i.e. prior to 5am, but one of my roommates has been making it difficult. He works later than he used to and doesn't have to be up early for school anymore, so he tends to stay up later. Worse, the living room and kitchen are right night to my door and sound carries well. He's not bad, just a bit oblivious at times to noise. He'll turn down the tv no problem if I ask, but he also has a buddy come over at times, and they inevitably drink too much. I was tired enough to go to sleep around midnight-one last night, but couldn't until like 3:30-4am as the two had two others come over, and several roommies joined it. Why do people get so much louder when drunk? Blech. I wish they could do their drinking earlier. Then they'd crash out and I wouldn't have to lie awake in bed, angry and annoyed.
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Don't you just hate those moments when you feel the need to be creative, but you can't actually think of anything to put down? I'm sitting here, good music playing and getting ready for bed (usually when I'm at my most loquacious), and I can't think of a single topic on which to expound. Phooey. Haha, I like that my spellcheck knew the proper spelling for phooey.

Ah, just thought of a thing. But perhaps it something to be spoken of later, in more depth.

New Music!

Mar. 12th, 2019 02:38 am
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I've heard the name before, here and there, but never before today listened to anything by Billie Eilish. Boy, have I been missing out. Between reading an article the other day about her haunting, deep, odd lyrics, and her doing Hot Ones on youtube, I decided I must rectify this gap in my musical knowledge. I have to say, I've been listening to her music videos for several hours straight now, and she's fantastic. That smokey, ethereal, Lana Del Ray voice, with the hints of jazz and the subtle beat you can see her move to, the haunting beauty of Eisley, it's all very captivating. Damn though, some of those videos are weird. I think of all of them, the oddest, and my favorite song so far, is the second to newest, Bury A Friend. Though honestly, at the moment I have a hard time deciding which of many are my favorite.

I haven't discovered such musical bounty since I belatedly first listened to Sia last year. At least I know what to listen to at work tomorrow.
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It really is true, nothing sharpens like another person, especially someone who disagrees with you on just about everything. I am a, I don't know exactly a specific term but, constitutionalistic conservative, I guess I would say. One of my housemates is, on the other hand, so far left as to be an admitted socialist, at least in part. He and I can agree on a few things, but we absolutely do not on many other things. Thankfully, we both seem to be of the type where we can sit and argue passionately, but then put it aside and go back to normal after. I don't know anybody who likes being contradicted, but I do like how it forces me to confirm my beliefs, to back up my statistics and facts, to be more precise in my thoughts and words, and to overall confirm (positive and negative both) what I think.

I do have to say how frustrating certain key beliefs that underlie his arguments leave me when arguing. We both have the ideal of fairness, but what that looks like is so very different on such a basic level that I really don't know how to argue why it's wrong. The argument tonight came down to his belief that people who make more money need to pay more, on a percentage scale, than those who make less. I am poor as shit, but I vehemently reject the notion that just because someone made a million dollars more than me, that I should pay only like 10% taxes, but that person should pay more even than 40% taxes? How is it fair, or just, that because someone is more successful that they need to be penalized for it? Yes, people who make more should probably give more, to charity, or the community, or whatever, but that's on them; it is simply not right to steal from them. Wealth is not inherently evil, nor is it good. It simply is. But to assign some sort of moral to one person having more than another, and forcing them to give what they have to others is wrong. Period.

Even if someone is wealthy due to greed or some underhanded means, so what? Two wrongs do not make a right. A person with $10 and a person with $100 aren't different, nor should they be treated so. It's so, so...childish. Like a child screaming "MINE!" when someone has something they don't have, but want. I can't think of anything more unfair than if I did more chores than my brother, got more money, then had the extra taken away because it wasn't "fair" that we were different. Bah.
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Often when about to create an entry, I can't think of anything to put in the subject line. It's slightly annoying at the time, but I tend to forget about it...until I want to go back and peruse older entries. Yeesh. Far too many with no subject line that give me no indication of subject matter. I only put the occasional tag in, too, so as often as not the subject line is all I have to go on. I have started waiting until after I finish a given post to think up a title, but even still it remains a mild frustration. The thing I love most about language, and ours in particular, is the breadth of words available to us to convey most any thought, given time and effort. And yet, my words still fail me. More aptly, I think, is that I fail to properly think of the proper ones for the situation. I'm ever looking for an apt phrase; pity they elude me as regularly as they do.
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I was sifting through some of my boxes that clutter my room just now (I've moved so many times now that I don't really ever unpack so much as move various boxes about and pick the ((mainly)) books out that I want), and I came across a few old notebooks. Apart from the dozen or so old journals, of which I'm a little scared to look back through as I was at the peak of anxiety/depression/teen angst, I found one that looks to be maybe a dozen pages or so of fic, poetry, and musings. The one entry near the end dates it back to '02, which is right when Smallville came out and I found myself in a creative burst writing on a message board and writing various small ficlets. Several of the pages in the old journal were such.

It's...odd, reading old things one has written, particularly when you don't remember ever writing it. It's equal parts cringe mixed with interest and respect for my ideas and vocabulary (the latter has sadly dwindled somewhat). Despite a few edits I would quickly make to some of the sappiness or OOC-ness of my Clark (a bit too much Mary Sue), I am quite proud of my past self. It's pleasant to realize that my past self was not as inadequate as I often felt or, as I sometimes think I was.

The only issue I find myself with, apart from suddenly wanting to improve my overall written vocabulary here, is that my past self ended several stories with the page instead of with a proper end to the vignette. I several times turned the page to find what I next written, only to discover that I had not. Curses! Ending stories has always been the hardest part for me, but I find it most vexing to discover that it plagues me not only when written, but later when read as well. At least I can be grateful that, though at times a little...lame? my writing could be, it is still intriguing and captivating. They could almost be writing prompts, come to think of it: short stories meant to spur others (or myself) into an interesting direction.

I don't often think of how much I wrote during that period around the first two seasons of Smallville. The community on the message boards was lively and crazy fun, not to mention boundless in its creativity. I only ever started my livejournal all those years ago because everyone else was hopping on. And my longest friend to date is one I met there when I asked for her aid in proofing one of my fics. But anyway, I wrote so much during those two years. It was a bit of a perfect confluence of timing, free time, budding creativity, anxious energy (an oddly effective creative source), interest, and the perfect place to so do. The explosion of message boards, an interesting new take on a favorite superhero, a major crush on both lead actresses, similarly interested people, and a limitless potential (sadly much wasted) for where it could all go -- these all lead to a most fecund soil for writing and communicating. I partly wish at times I could have a log of some of those old threads we would take part in, though only partly.

It was so much fun, the time between episodes, particularly the winter and summer breaks when things had ended on a cliffhanger and we were left with nothing but time to fuel our imaginations and creative juices. I can't tell you how many amazing stories came about during those lulls, nor how many I wish were not lost to both myself and internet. Good ol' salad days, eh? I did not write terribly many fics that I actually posted, but I still wonder how many are gone forever. I have, thankfully, been somewhat decent at keeping backups of old files, but due to a number of sudden computer failures over the years, cannot be certain of how many have not survived. Having transferred my livejournal here, I do also have all those things saved as well, which is cool.

It's a bit funny, looking back on old writings. Like I said before, there are equal parts cringe and respect. There's also that faint pall of wondering what happened since. Dang, but I could be so funny! Of course, there's a real possibility that a good deal of my drive then was depression and anxiety manifesting; if this is so, then I'm okay not being as eloquent or interesting. Still, reading the old journal made me plop a notebook on my nightstand in case I have something to write. I've known for a while now that I'm a mimic at heart: when I see someone doing something cool, I want to join in and do so as well. When I was roommate with an artist, I ended up drawing quite a bit. Amusing to find myself inspired by my very own self, but a few years removed. Thanks, me!
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I started rereading The Dark is Rising the other day. It's been a good few years since the last read through the series, but it still holds up well. What intrigues me is that at one point in the book, they go caroling, and any time Noel is mentioned, it's spelled Nowell. I don't believe I've ever seen it written thusly anywhere else before. It's one of those little oddities of language that pops up every so often.

I have an urge to write a bunch more, but I can't actually think of anything to write, which is odd, and a tad frustrating. I have to wonder if it's due somewhat to my recent decrease in dosage for my anti-depressant. I don't feel more noticeably anxious or depressed, but sometimes a burst of creativity does result, so I shall have to keep a close eye on myself.
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I am recently returned from spending two weeks in Maine with my folks and my brother's family. It was mostly nice and recuperative, though it is also nice to be back home. How dearly I have missed having animals about, so it was particularly lovely having not only the family cat, but also my brother's cat and dog to play with. Is there anything more comforting than a purring cat laying with you? I certainly can't think of a one.

I had to have a few tough discussions with my dad while there, as he is really gung-ho on being as holy and devoted to God as he can be, which is great, but as with many such times in his life, if he can't see Jesus in something, than it's automatically sinful in his mind, and not just for himself, but everyone else as well. He has inspired me to really look at the things in my life and take stock of what all I use my time with, but I had to really have it out with him that just because he can't see the redeeming value of something doesn't mean that there isn't one and that others can't see it. Mom and I couldn't even watch the Simpsons while he was home (a show he always enjoyed watching with us), as he would leave the room and then later bring on brooding judgmentalism that he's ever so proficient in. But by the end of my time there, he was a lot better and had even apologized for being so legalistic.

So that was a plus.

I have to say though, flying? Not so much fun when crossing from one coast to the other. I had to be up at 6am eastern/3am pacific, drive 45 minutes to the city to catch a two hour bus ride to the Boston airport, fly for ~6.5 hours, layover, then another 2 hour flight, followed by a 2 hour drive home. Blech.

I've more to gone about, but being in Maine has put me on something approaching a normal sleep schedule and I'm actually sleepy. It's not even eleven yet!
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I would probably never have watched it of my own decision, but my housemate threw on the movie How It Ends and I got pulled in by it. I have to say, it's quite an interesting watch. Loved the ending. And despite the occasional dumbass decision the main guy makes at times, overall it's a great watch.

Also, Smash Bros Ultimate dropped last week and I've been playing it a crap-ton. Dang does it have a lot of characters. Every character from every smash game, as well as every level.
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I reread A Wrinkle in Time last night. It was still a decent read, but a few things definitely grated on me in ways they didn't used to. It's so funny how I look at the vocabularies of these very young children and think it's really not realistic. The irony is that I was a rather intelligent child and had an extensive vocabulary at their ages too. Though maybe not quite so much as they do, especially not the 5 year old... One of my favorite books growing up was Ender's Game, and part of that was that it treated children, at least the bright ones, as intelligent and able to make rational decisions. Even knowing how bright I was, I go, really? Which is just foolish of me. Still, the vocabulary these kids possess is a bit of a stretch. Hell, half the people I know still don't know some of the words...

Also, I don't recall how I reacted back then, but Meg's constant mood swings and complete lack of restraint or patience bugs me now. I'm like, chill, girl. And of course, the way that L'Engle makes all the darkness infecting the universe seem like this great battle between celestial beings, including quite a lot of scripture quoted, only to turn out to be just an evil, hypnotic brain? The hell? Also, that she lumped Jesus in with the likes of like, mathematicians and artists and junk as light-bearers, that was a bit odd to me. Especially when she quotes the Bible so often. Odd that.
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I've been much entranced by several games over the past few months; one right after the other. First it was Octopath Traveler, followed concurrently with Bravely Second. After the latter finished, I restarted Bravely Default (and I'm already missing a few of the improved features from the sequel) and started playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm digging Zero Dawn, and don't mind most of the crafting stuff that turns some folks off. I'd say it handles somewhere between Far Cry and Assassin's Creed. I die way too often, but overall it's quite enjoyable.

I must say as well that I am totally crushing on the main character, Aloy (I find it amusing that her name is basically alloy, and her "father" is basically rust). She's beautiful, to be sure, though that's hardly uncommon in games, but I just really dig everything about her. Her hair, her quiet reserve, heartfeltness, her, I just dig everything about her. Guh. It's just the worst having to spend so much time with someone you can't have. Ah well.
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My french has grown increasingly rusty over the years. Not that it was ever super great, but time dulls even that. Every so often I find myself craving the beautiful language again, and try to remember how to say certain things, or figure out how one would say a thing. I heard a rather awesome suggestion t'other day, or rather read it. It was to read a well-known book, in their case it was Harry Potter, in the language, as simply reading in a language can really help one get a feel for it. And this is precisely what I started to do.

Well, I downloaded it and read maybe a paragraph before work actually required me to do something. I haven't been back to it yet, but I'm looking forward to giving it a try. I once attempted to start reading The Three Musketeers in french, but that book is fairly dense as it is, and who knows how many old colloquialisms and such it might have. Harry Potter, however, is written for a more modern (read illiterate) and younger audience, so should be a bit more accessible. Not to mention I've read the first one easily a half dozen times over the years. I just know that my many years of reading growing up granted me an innate feel of how our language works in a way that my substandard and brief school lessons on grammar ever could. I cannot often tell the subtleties of parts of speech enough to name what each is, but I absolutely know where each word goes and how it all fits together. I would love to have a similar grasp of french, and any step I can in that direction would be lovely.

Now if you'll excuse me, I shall go and listen to my favorite french singer, Emile Simon, with her beautiful and haunting music.
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Lacunae perhaps? I wonder what it is about online journals that so many people give up on them, and so quickly at that. I've been using mine, first on livejournal, then here, since what, 2002-ish? But not a single one of the other journals I've friended or followed over the years kept with it. Many lasted less than a year; most, come to think of it. I guess I feel like if you're going to go to all the trouble of creating something, don't let it vanish into the aether. Granted, I use this much less often than I did in the first year and have at times gone a month or three between posts, but I've never ceased.

Maybe I still use it because I don't often have a reliable outlet for my thoughts or gripes. Plus, writing my thoughts down really helps me process things. Something about being forced to slow my thinking down in order to put it on screen or paper. Plus, it's still a hell of a lot easier and quicker to write here than in the pen and paper journal I keep next to my bed and barely ever use anymore. The irony in that one is that I don't write as much in the real journal because my life is less angsty and thus needs much less expressing. I kept having days where I would just sit in bed and look at it with literally nothing new to say. Without the hormones of youth to make everything so much more momentous, I'm okay with not having as much to write about. Truth be told, I think I'm also just out of the habit. As with many endeavors, one must use it or lose it.

My writings in general tend to be lot more stream-of-conscious than I like to admit and tend to meander. But that can be good for me as well, as it means that I had much in my head that needed pondering and venting. I've always had interest in so many disparate areas and ideas that I am rarely able to sit down to commit to any one thing, and my writing shows it. The few attempts I made back in the day at writing fic (most revolving around the first few seasons of Smallville) mainly ended up being vignettes. Some people could write entire epics given the same time and topic, but I excelled in the short spurts of creativity. It's ever interesting going back to read the things I once wrote. Some make me squirm to think I actually wrote such a thing, or at its simplicity, but I am also gladdened to find as oft as nought (naught?) my work stands up.

I actually find it a tad depressing when I reread some of the funnier things I wrote, as it makes me wonder where went my whit. It's like, why am I not this funny anymore? Of course, some of that old creativity came from hormones and from some pretty major depression/anxiety, none of which I would return to in exchange. I don't know what it is about being in a funk, but it can power some pretty mighty creativity at times. I wrote so much poetry in my more hormonal, angsty moments... Ah, memories.


Sep. 3rd, 2018 03:09 am
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I don't recall when last I wrote here. Got a Switch for my birthday and have been playing it muchly. Zelda Breath of the Wild is great fun, and I rebought Disgaea 5 and played it a bunch again. I just bought and beat Mario Rabbids Battle or whatever it's called. Lots of fun that, though I don't know how much replayability it has once completed. Even though it's something of a Mario version of X-Com, the levels and battles are all fixed and the whole thing is not terribly long. Still, I had fun. Just bought Dead Cells and one other, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate on my PS4. Dead Cells is one of those rogue-like side scrolling games. I have a few, and this one's not bad so far.

I reread a bunch of Jim Butcher recently, but now that I ran through them, I'm left empty and bereft of proper reading material. I need to figure out something new to read. I've been reading a handful of creepypastas, but those are popcorn, and also not something you want to read a lot of.

Work was okay again for a bit, but I am definitely reaching the end of my rope. I keep saying I'm going to update my résumé and look for something new, but honestly, by the time I'm done with work every evening I'm usually too mentally wiped to even remember, much less want to, and my day's off, not usually being sequential, subsist mostly of me sleeping. Blarg.

Also, I've been listening to the hymns station on pandora of late, and it's really hitting the spot. So much of modern "worship" music is fluff and more about how the singer feels than about anything of substance. I get absolutely nothing from telling me an emotion; rather, I am moved when presented with a song that gives me a reason to feel. Tell me why and how God is good, and I can easily sing along. It also helps that most hymn type songs were designed to actually be sung by most people and not just the castrati...


Jul. 19th, 2018 12:15 am
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The wifi on my laptop has been out for something like two weeks now. I've come to the conclusion that the humidity caused by the swamp cooler is to blame, as the last time this happened for such a long period of time was when I was living in Maine, which is very humid. Either way, the wifi card in this thing has been temperamental several times in the past, so I bit the bullet and bought myself a little usb wifi dongle. It's nice to have internet somewhere other than on my phone or PS4. This is really the only place I stream music and such, or watch much youtube, so having it down has been frustrating. And now it's not! Now I only have to worry about the constant problem of the fan on this thing cutting out and potentially frying my computer.

Also, it is once again far too hot here. Got up to 108 yesterday, and I'm sure it was at least that hot today, and probably will remain so for the near future. Blech. The swamp cooler does its best, but it can only do so much. Plus it makes it all humid in here. Hot and moist is only a good thing when it comes to cooking turkeys or chickens.


Jun. 6th, 2018 03:06 am
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With each passing day, I become more and more infuriated over clickbait titles. When I'm on my computer, adblock cuts out all that garbage, but on my phone, I am naked to the world of ads and "articles". I'm not even annoyed all that much by the amount of ads on any given webpage, it's the clickbait titles that make my blood boil. I'm not sure what precisely gets my goat in a way few other things can, but boy, do they ever. "You'll never guess what happens next!", or "Find out why everyone gasped when this happened!", or "Why Hollywood won't hire X person anymore", or... I do not take kindly to anyone trying to manipulate my emotions or interest, and clickbait is the absolute scummiest way to do it. It's made worse, because some part of me has that insatiable desire to complete things, such as thoughts, stories, or mysteries. I want to see things to completion. A few movies have done me harm more than they ought because I couldn't not see how it ended. Clickbait preys on that. And dammit, it's EVERYWHERE! Blarg!

If only firefox on the phone weren't so much slower than chrome. At least you can get adblock on there. But man, webpages are slow enough on the phone as it is.
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So what's the deal with all the russian language on this and other web journals? I find it odd that english and russian seem to be the only main languages represented in the journaling community in general. English I get, because duh, it's mine and know my own culture well enough to hazard a few guesses as to why we find it so popular. I do not, however, know the Russian culture, nor why they seem to enjoy blogging as much as we. Perhaps more poignantly, why are there no other languages represented in things such as trending terms? Are there other major journals/blogs about that cater to specific country web suffixes, so I'm just speeding on by them without being aware? I can guess there is a Chinese equivalent or two behind the great firewall, which none of us would ever, ever want to use due to stringent speech policies, but what of other places? or some such?

Also, if perhaps there are specific language sites for journaling and whatnot, why still so much of the Russian bloggers? There is a mystery here, perhaps easily solved, and I am intrigued. I love languages and mysteries, so this seems apt.
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I must say, I've had quite a lovely, entirely (in the best way) unproductive weekend. I typically only get off work Sundays and Wednesdays, so having an extra day in a row off is lovely. Sunday I slept in until maybe 8pm. Today it was 4pm. Granted, I didn't go to bed until like 9-10am, so...

Anyway, I spent the past two days catching up on various movies and playing Pokémon Omega Ruby. I've wanted to check out Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets, so I finally did. It wasn't bad, wasn't particularly great either, but not bad. I just finished re-watching I Am Number 4, which has the absolutely tasty blonde girl from Glee. Another good popcorn flick, really. Lastly, I ended up watching Arrival, and I am so glad that I did. Spectacular movie. I'd heard that some of the background science was actually legit, which is always a plus in my book, and Amy Adams is always a solid choice to bet on. It will definitely require another go after a while, due to some of the twists you discover at the end that were in front of you the whole time. Overall, I felt that it did a great job tying together the story, and also the disparate ways that the world governments might actually respond to aliens. They did a bang-up job showing the different types of people in charge, and it never felt like they were showing us straw men villains or anything. Anyway, awesome movie.

Something has struck me in this particular play-through of Pokémon (can I just say how thoroughly annoyed I am when anyone pronounces it pokEEmon and not poh-kay-mon, or even the slightly more slurred pokuh-mon?), and that is the disturbing nature of the world. Specifically, I have been feeling bad about all the wild pokémon I constantly beat up and leave unconscious. There are these super-cute Pikachu-esque guys galled Minuns, and in this particular game, every time you k.o. them, they make a sad sound and get this look of anguish on their face. It's horrifying! Here I am, slogging through the wilderness with my little guys that I've enslaved by means of magic ball, beating up every creature I meet. Battles are already somewhat akin to dog fighting, with all the inherent ethical questions therein, but how many adorable little bastards must I leave unconscious on the road?

Also, what is up with those balls? I beat a creature half to death, then throw this ball at them and, unless I trade them, they become my obedient slave for life? I suppose if you get them too high a level without enough badges, they'll get a bit more resistant to your commands, but that raises even more questions! How does having half a dozen badges make all pokémon of a certain level behave unconditionally? I wonder too, what happens when someone dies, what becomes of their critters? Do they get let go? Euthanized? Go berserk? Simply transfer loyalty to next of kin?

Lastly, can I just say how very thoroughly I appreciate that with Sun and Moon they finally got rid of the need for HM slave pokémon in one's inventory? Playing in Ruby, I hate having to waste one or more slots for a throwaway who's loaded up with Cut, Rock Break, Strength, Surf, Fly, Waterfall... Going forward, they either need to always have helper pokémon like they do in the latest games who do all the moves for you, or they need to turn HMs into non-battle moves that they can learn. Surf and Fly are decent for damage, so it's not always awful to put them on my main guys, but yeesh.
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I have now, unexpectedly, seen it two nights in a row, and it is positively hilarious. There were enough moments to repeat and quote for years to come. Every single aspect of it perfected on what they did in the first movie. Simply spectacular. I couldn't stop laughing through the entirety, and even the last song played during the end credits had me rolling. And yes, stay for the credit scenes, plural.

I can't think of a single part of this one that didn't feel like perfect, exactly Deadpool. Well, I still hold that they don't make his face look hideous enough, but that's a minor quibble. I can't believe how many little jokes and nods to the comics were made, and often done in such a way that even non-comic readers would be amused. Also, a little annoyance I had with the first movie was a rather minimal breaking of the 4th wall by Deadpool, but how thrilled I was by this one! The first movie had to spend a lot of time on the origin stuff, but this one allows them to start full out and never stop.

I keep geeking out and laughing at so many jokes and gags that happen throughout. There are no low points, no bits that lag, and every part from start to end is pure gold. Holy crap is this movie fun. Probably already one of my favorite movies in the past decade. There wasn't a single thing that had me coming out wishing they had done more of, or better. I think the perfect meme for this would be the "just right" Pacha from Emperor's New Groove.


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