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I can't help but notice every time how much I love pistachio flavored things, like ice cream and pudding, but I really don't care much for pistachios. I really dislike how I can't get such things without a ton of nuts in them. I'm generally not a big fan of nuts. Why must I put up with them? First world problems, am I right?

Fun fact: the reason why banana flavored things don't taste anything like bananas is that they were modeled off of the old, nearly extinct banana, the Gros Michel, that was wiped out around the 50s due to blight. It was bigger, tougher, lasted longer, and was by all accounts much more flavorful than the current Cavendish banana. The old banana was also where we got the slippery banana peel idea, being so slick and causing so many accidents that they are the reason for public trash cans to become a thing in New York City. The Mythbusters episode on the slippery banana peel really pissed me off because they used modern bananas and never even addressed the old ones, which were the slick ones.


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